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Dyk fact#190

Did you know Insects are more nutritious than many other common forms of protein. For example, 100 grams of top sirloin beef contain 29 grams of protein and 21 grams of fat. However, 100 grams of grasshopper contain 20 grams of protein and just 6 grams of fat. Additionally, farming insects emits 10 times less greenhouse gasses than farming livestock

Dyk fact#189

Did you know During the War of 1812, more soldiers died of disease than were killed in battle. Common diseases included malaria, measles, smallpox, infections from unclean operating equipment, and pneumonia

Dyk fact#188

Did you know Some scholars say that the Greek civilization has been around for so long that it has had a chance to try nearly every from of government

Dyk fact#187

Did you know According to Greek mythology, Athena and Poseidon agreed that whoever gave the city the best gift would become guardian over the city. Though Poseidon gave the gift of water, Athena’s gift of an olive tree was deemed by the other gods to be more valuable

Dyk fact#186

Did you know As early as 1500 B.C., the ancient Egyptians developed a sundial that was calibrated to divide the interval between sunrise and sunset into 12 parts. This system reflects their use of a duodecimal system. They used this system because it reflects the 12 lunar cycles in a year. They may also have used 12 because of the number of finger joints on each hand: three on each of the four fingers excluding the thumb, which made it easy to count to 12

Dyk fact#185

Did you know Wolves were once the most widely distributed land predator the world has ever seen. The only places they didn’t thrive were in the true desert and rainforests

Dyk fact#184

Did you know A human can make over 10,000 facial expressions to express a wide variety of subtle emotions

Dyk fact#183

Did you know Researchers note that the emotion most associated with fear is interest. Some psychologists have gone so far as to suggest that fear has two invisible faces: one, the wish to flee and, second, the wish to investigate

Dyk fact#182

Did you know In 2013, You Tube had more than 72 hours of video uploaded per minute – or over a decade of content every day

Dyk fact#181

Did you know The chemical symbol for gold is Au, from the Latin word aurum meaning “shining dawn” and from Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn. In 50 B.C., Romans began issuing gold coins called the Aureus and the smaller solidus

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