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Dyk fact#110

Did you know Fly swatters made from giraffe tails were a popular fashion item in ancient Egypt.

Dyk fact#109

Did you know The trench network of World War I stretched approximately 25,000 miles (40,200 km) from the English Channel to Switzerland. The area was known as the Western Front. British poet Siegfried Sassoon wrote, “When all is done and said, the war was mainly a matter of holes and ditches.”

Dyk fact#108

Did you know Because redheads have thicker hair than people with other hair colors, they have fewer strands of hair. For example, while blondes have on average 140,000 hairs, redheads have approximately 90,000

Dyk fact#107

Did you know A Spartan specialty was a black soup made from salt, vinegar, and blood. No one in the rest of Greece would drink it.

Dyk fact#106

Did you know In the mid 1930s, scientists developed a new electron microscope that enabled them to see and photograph influenza virus (the flu was once thought to be caused by bacteria). In the following years, influenza types A, B, and C were isolated and identified. Type A influenza causes most human sickness and the major pandemics. Exposure to one strain appears to provide no protection or immunity to another

Dyk fact#105

Did you know Because the brains of older people are more vulnerable to chemical abnormalities, they are more likely than young people to suffer depression

Dyk fact#104

Did you know Four empires collapsed after WWI: Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, German, and Russian

Dyk fact#103

Did you know Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water.

Dyk fact#102

Did you know Pinterest started with three employees in 2009. It now has 1600. Its world headquarters is in San Francisco, CA

Dyk fact#101

Did you know All of India is under a single time zone.

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