10 Despicable Facts About Despicable Me

1. The Despicable Me creators mainly hired actors who could improvise comedic lines (such as Steve Carell and Russell Brand).

2. To get Elsie Fisher(who plays Agnes) to laugh while being recorded, her father would tickle her.

3. Despicable Me was originally titled Evil Me.

4. Will Arnett (who plays Mr. Perkins) gained weight for his role so his voice would sound better (Mr. Perkins is a heavy-set man).

5. When Gru goes into the bank, a board says "We are always alert to your needs" even though the receptionist is sleeping.

6. Directors Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin voice the Minions, which is why they sound French and English.

7. Dr. Nefario (comes from the word nefarious) means villainous and very wicked.

8. Gru has an emperor penguin appearance, which is appropriate given that penguins tend to their young.

9. 6. The DJ Minion uses a Gru-ray Disc player, which has the same font and color as a Blu-ray Disc player.

10. The Jumbotron in Gru's lair is crowned with the NBC logo.