9 Things That was real In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

1. Lionel Refused To Have Jeffrey’s Brain Studied

2. It has been confirmed that Dahmer was murdered in prison by a fellow inmate in reality

3. Jeffrey Dahmer Was actually Baptized in real life

4. All of the victims depicted in the series are based on actual Dahmer victims, even though not all of the stories may have been entirely accurate.

5. Following Dahmer's arrest and imprisonment, his mother Joyce Flint may be seen in one scene turning off the kitchen's gas stove in an effort to take her own life. This actually happened.

6. Dahmer actually ruined the real life high school group photo.

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7. As depicted in flashback scenes on the show, Dahmer and his father Lionel did, in fact, collect roadkill and dissect and analyze the remains

8. Glenda Cleveland Repeatedly Called Police in real life 

9. One particular scenario, in which Dahmer presents Glenda Cleveland with a beef sandwich as a peace offering, was truly accurate.