Money Heist on Netflix: 9 things you didn't know


All five seasons saw 600 red jumpsuits. Carloz Diez, series costume designer, said dressing characters was fun. La Casa de Papel [Money Heist] has unique characters, making clothes design fun. Dressing all the characters with that iconic red costume was hard.

The series was filmed globally in Madrid. Netflix added locations outside Spain, where the first season was shot. The flooded Bank of Spain vault scenes were shot in Thailand, Denmark, Panama, Portugal, Italy, and the UK.

The show's subject is cash, therefore showrunners printed one million €50 banknotes and 6000 gold ingots (gold bars) as props.

Antena 3 presented Le Casa de Papel in 2017. Episode one was a blockbuster, however Decider stated that viewership dropped off and the cast and crew had resigned themselves to not continuing beyond series one.

Netflix discreetly acquired and renamed the show Money Heist for US consumers. It was a Netflix hit despite little advertising and has grown since then.

El Mundo said that Tokyo (Ursula Corberó) wasn't planned to narrate the series. The Professor (Álvaro Morte), the robbery mastermind and group leader, should narrate, but Tokyo does. Given their male-dominated cast, the show's writers preferred a female narrator instead of the professor.

Money Heist's scripts are written during filming, and the authors adjust the series' direction as needed. The authors compose a few episodes at a time but are open to change details and story points on set.

Although it's impossible to envision anyone else playing heist mastermind, TechZimo reported that Álvaro Morte wasn't a sure thing for the Professor. Over two months, the Spanish actor auditioned five times for the role. He did, and we're glad.

The series' title, Le Casa de Papel, means "The House of Paper," fitting considering the gang is robbing the Royal Mint, where money is printed. The show was initially titled Los Desahuciados, meaning "The Outcasts" [via screenrant], but the creators determined Le Casa de Papel fit the tale better.

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