Captain Marvel 2: Everything You Need to Know


The Marvels will be out next summer, and some lucky Marvel fans have already seen the sequel to Captain Marvel.1

The sequel, written by Disney+ MCU show WandaVision writer Megan McDonnell, was announced in January 2020. However, there is one major alteration from the previous film.

The sequel finished production in May 2022, with some reshoots in August 2022. However, release schedules may change unexpectedly.

Brie Larson was confirmed to return as Carol Danvers at the Disney Investor Day in December 2020.

Carol and Kamala are the two Captain Marvels, but WandaVision gave Monica superpowers. Monica was Captain Marvel before Carol in the comics, so there may be another.

WandaVision confirmed Maria Rambeau's death during Monica's five years in the Snap. Lashana Lynch's second appearance seems unlikely.

Lynch may return in flashbacks despite Monica and Carol's troubles, possibly related to her mother's absence.

Zawe Ashton will portray the major villain, although it's unclear who. She needs power to defeat three Captain Marvels.

In August 2021, Samuel L. Jackson confirmed his return as Nick Fury. We want Goose and Fury to reunite. Goose returned for the sequel in the D23 Expo teaser.

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