Fun & Strange Human Body Information


20 times every minute, our eyes blink. Over ten million times a year, that is!

Every day, the typical nose produces around a cup of nasal mucus!

The tongue has roughly 8,000 taste buds, each of which contains up to 100 cells that aid in taste perception.

The typical individual could walk around the globe in 690 days if they walked for 12 hours each day.

Your skin's whole surface is replaced each month, which translates to having 1,000 different skins over your lifetime.

Most people spend an average of one entire year sitting on the toilet throughout the course of their lifetime.

Your heart will have beat almost 2.5 billion times if you live to be 70 years old!

A weird fact about height is that when in space, astronauts can grow almost up to two inches.

Did you realise? You won't be able to swallow and breathe simultaneously.

Your stomach produces an acid that is so potent that it may even dissolve metal. This acid is known as stomach acid. In other words, it can burn your flesh!

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