Is The 'Terminal List' a True Story?


"The Terminal List" is fiction. It appears to have some reality in its narrative.

‘The Terminal List,' ‘True Believer,' ‘Savage Son,' ‘The Devil's Hand,' and ‘In the Blood' are the series' five books.

Carr, like Reece, was an enlisted SEAL sniper before becoming a Team Leader, Troop Commander, Task Unit Commander, and Platoon Commander.

Chris Pratt trained with real Navy SEALs. In a May 2022 interview, David DiGilio detailed how former SEALs and other military veterans helped produce the show.

Jared immediately gave Chris Pratt Jack's first book, which he pursued. After learning that Antoine Fuqua (‘Mayor of Kingstown‘) was chasing the rights to Carr's first book, Pratt suggested they work together, and Fuqua agreed.

In June 2022, the author praised Pratt and Fuqua for their adaptation work on Washington Post Live.

The creators of "The Terminal List" use real-life incidents to make a military story, but the show is not based on them.

“From the very beginning, what was important to Chris and Antoine was that, hey, if a veteran sat down and turned this on and watched it, at the very least they’d say, ‘You know what, these guys did their homework, and they put all this effort and energy into getting this right,'” Carr stated.