Kristen Stewart Facts You Didn't Know

Kristen Stewart's family spent several years in Colorado before returning to Los Angeles. Kristen's eight-year-old Christmas play. Amateur play launched her acting career. A play talent scout found her.

The Christmas play talent scout discovered Kristen Stewart. Her first role wasn't ideal. Disney's The Thirteenth Year featured Kristen briefly. Kristen couldn't speak. The role launched her career.

2002 was Kristen Stewart's breakout. Jodie Foster starred. Kristen became famous playing Jodie Foster's troubled teen daughter. Jared Leto and Forest Whitaker also starred. The performance made her famous.

Stewart spent much of her childhood in Australia with her Australian mother. Noosa Heads, an Australian beach village, is also her favourite.

She wanted to be a camera grip like her brothers when she was younger, but she was too small, so she resorted to acting instead.

Stewart, who co-starred with Josh Hutcherson in the 2005 film "Zathura," gave Hutcherson a turtle named Bob for his 13th birthday.

"I have a soundproofed area where I can play drums really loudly," she told Elle UK in 2016. She also stated in the article that her residence is the "party house."

Stewart sings and plays guitar, while not all actresses are musically inclined. She did both for her role in "The Runaways" and "Into the Wild" in 2007.

According to Interview magazine, before filming "The Runaways," Kristen Stewart "researched" Joan Jett in order to represent the rock star as accurately as possible.

From May 2011 through May 2012, Stewart was Forbes' highest-paid actress, earning $34.5 million. She was the youngest actor on the list at 22.