Hollywood Actors Who’ve Been In the Most Movies


Eric Roberts is among the most prolific actors. His role as gangster Sal Maroni in The Dark Knight is probably the most well-known of his nearly 420 films. Roberts worked in 25 films in 2021—a testament to his passion.

Danny Trejo is the go-to action movie star. Trejo ranks among the most-credited actors with over 258 credits. Some directors have noted Trejo's ability to appeal to any audience, even though he usually plays thugs.

Gertrude Astor, born in 1887, pioneered female film. She was the first actress to sign with Universal in 1915 and innovated throughout her remarkable career. Astor became a major early film star with over 270 acting credits.

This list lists stars with the most movies, therefore TV series and other media are excluded. Sir Christopher Lee would have had nearly 280 acting roles instead of 213 cinema roles.

He's everywhere. Samuel L. Jackson will soon top this list with his many appearances. Name a movie he wasn't in.

Since Mockingjay was broken between two films, it should be 175. After 176 flicks, you won't care about the statistics. Donald Sutherland charms every part he plays.

Jackie Chan has acted and appeared in over 190 films. Chan is one of the most prolific performers since his career crosses Hollywood and China.

Danny Glover never stops. The actor is filming 15 movies. Lethal Weapon, The Color Purple, Saw, and Predator 2 made Glover popular. Over 120 films feature Danny Glover. Glover is a dedicated Jazz Foundation of America member.

Robert Loggia's work is familiar to you, even if you don't know his name. Robert's supporting roles in Independence Day, Scarface, and Gladiator among his most notable.

From 1970 through 2014, Susan Sarandon appeared in movies, TV, and documentaries. Rare. Susan Sarandon, a prolific actor, appears in over 100 films and two more. Sarandon debuted in 1970's political thriller Joe as an advertising mogul's daughter.

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