You probably didn't know these surprising movie facts.


Marlon Brando's opening scene cat was a stray Coppola spotted at Paramount. Because of the cat's purring, much of Brando's lines had to be looped.

Kung Fu choreographer Woo-Ping Yuen initially declined to work on the film to frighten off the Wachowskis with a high fee. Didn't. He requested the impossible. He only agreed if he controlled the fights and taught the actors for four months before filming. The Wachowskis complied.

After smashing his hand on the dinner table, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) accidently shattered a small stemmed glass with his palm and started bleeding. He ignored it and kept acting. When Quentin Tarantino cut, the room applauded.

Tom Hanks did this movie for free. Instead, he took percentage points, which earned him around $40 million in the end.

Heath Ledger spent six weeks in a hotel room preparing for The Joker. Ledger studied the character's psychology throughout his solitude. He developed The Joker's voice and chuckle.

Kate Winslet decided to break the ice with Leonardo DiCaprio when she found out she had to be naked in front of him. When they first met, she flashed him.

Christopher Nolan wanted to grow 500 acres of corn for a cornfield scene. He knew this was possible after making Man of Steel (2013). After that, the corn was sold and made a profit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went to a downtown L.A. restaurant for lunch during a break in filming and realised he was still in Terminator makeup, complete with a missing eye, exposed jawbone, and charred flesh.

Leonardo DiCaprio, a vegetarian, ate bison liver raw. He had to shoot a gun, build a fire, speak Pawnee and Arikara, and study with an ancient healing doctor. DiCaprio called it his hardest performance.

The sounds that the Velociraptors make to talk to each other are the same sounds that tortoises make when they are making love.

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