Calibre is a mature drama disguised as a thriller. Just when you think it might collapse into clichés, it instead takes unexpected turns. Writer-director Matt Palmer serves up a detailed portrait of life in poor but close-knit communities and uses the setting to explore themes of guilt and forgiveness.

Hush is yet another film by Mike Flanagan, and it's of his strongest projects. He displays a clear affection for the classic slashers but is also unafraid to push the subgenre in new directions. Hush received critical acclaim and drew praise from some of the biggest names in horror.

Bird Box is another post-apocalyptic tale, and one of Netflix's all-time most-watched movies. Bullock plays a woman trying to transport two children to safety in a world overrun by entities that cause those who look at them to commit suicide.

Gerald's Game begins with husband and wife Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and Jessie (Carla Gugino) arriving at an isolated lake house for a getaway. There, Gerald ties Jessie up in handcuffs for some sexual role-play. But after a heated argument, Gerald suffers a heart attack and dies, leaving Jessie alone in the middle of nowhere shackled to the bed.

Fractured is a well-crafted psychological thriller that explores the line between reality and memory. Director Brad Anderson, perhaps best known for The Machinist starring Christian Bale, brings his unique perspective to the classic mystery/thriller structure.

Cargo is one of the more creative zombie movies of the last few years. It also puts more of a focus on the characters rather than just on kills and scares, which is a welcome change. Freeman is terrific as usual. He's convincing as an ordinary man pushed to the brink. His presence elevates the film and makes the story a lot more believable.

Apostle is a historical horror directed by Gareth Evans, the filmmaker most well-known for The Raid. It follows Thomas (Dan Stevens), a former missionary who has lost his faith, as he travels to a remote island inhabited by a cult. They are holding his sister (Elen Rhys) hostage, and he intends to free her.

The Ritual is a tightly-constructed creature feature from director David Bruckner, who most recently worked on the new Hellraiser. It follows four friends who reunite for a hiking trip in the Swedish wilderness. There, they come across bizarre sights: symbols carved into trees, abandoned cabins and animals gored to pieces. They soon suspect that a mysterious beast is hunting them.

The Babysitter is a teen comedy-horror about Cole (Judah Lewis), a 12-year-old boy who develops a crush on his babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving). However, the plot takes a turn for the macabre when it is revealed that Bee is actually part of a satanic cult that is plotting Cole's demise. Cole finds himself on a madcap mission to stay alive.

1922 is a slow-burner that works in large part thanks to the committed performance from Jane. He's utterly absorbing as the tortured Wilf struggling to keep himself together. He and director Zak Hilditch effectively translate Stephen King's short story to the screen, making for a solid period horror.